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Renee Latoures

Welcome Statement

The nursing profession is an invaluable part of healthcare delivery focusing on caring for individuals, families and communities helping them prevent, regain and maintain optimum health and quality of life. Nurses look at the whole picture of the various factors that are affecting a person's health not just the medical facts. This focus on people as well as the actual medical knowledge is what attracted me to the nursing profession. Nursing allows me to combine my medical skills and knowledge along with my people skills such as caring to optimally help patients.

I have a BS in Gerontology focusing on case management and while I have always wanted to be a nurse while working my way to nursing school I learned about and became interested in gerontology. I realized how much the gerontology and nursing fields are related and that I could combine the skills and knowledge from both into a rewarding career. I am pursuing a MSN degree to be a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in adult acute care because the advanced skills and knowledge I will gain through this degree will greatly enhance my ability to care for this unique population.

Older adults are the single largest consumer of healthcare services.  I think my increased understanding of this population and its unique characteristics helps me provide specialized care to these patients.  As the baby boomers age and this "age wave" of older adults draw more and more on the available healthcare services providers with specialized knowledge of how to understand, treat and care for these patients will be invaluable members of the healthcare delivery team. I strive to be one of these providers helping deliver much needed specified care to all hospitalized patients but especially older adults.

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